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CLONE - An admin can define the order in which course formats appear in the course settings


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      This test requires a course to be set up with a user enrolled in it as a teacher.

      Test steps:
      1.As admin, navigate to Settings>Site administration>Plugins>Course formats>Manage course formats.
      2. Use the arrows to move the course formats so they display as (from top to bottom) Weekly/Social/Topics/Single activity.
      3. Log in to the course as a teacher and navigate to Course administration>Edit settings>Format.
      4. Verify that the formats display in the order the admin set them to in step (2)
      5. Go back to the Manage course formats screen and change the display order to Single activity/Weekly/Topics/Social.
      6. Go back into the course as a teacher and verify that the course formats now display in the new order.

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