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CLONE - A user can access WebDav repository without authentication


      Test pre-requisites

      • WebDAV server supporting SSL (HTTPS)
      • Two WebDAV shares without authentication
      • WebDAV repository enabled
      • Two different WebDAV instances in Moodle:
        • WebDAV HTTP + none authentication
        • WebDAV HTTPS + none authentication
      • Each share should contain multiple directories, sub directories, and files on every level.
      • Some directories and files must contain non-ascii characters

      Test steps

      1. Go to your private files
      2. Click on add
      3. Navigate to each WebDAV repository
      4. From each of them, make sure:
      • You can navigate in every directory
      • You can download any file
      • Files downloaded are correctly saved (check their content)

      WebDAV Apache configuration file which can be refereed
      This is my configuration for the 2 shares


      Alias /webdav_none /var/www/webdav_none
       <Location /webdav_none>
        Dav On
        Allow from all
        Satisfy any
      DavDepthInfinity On

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