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CLONE - Glossary entries can be tagged




      This test requires a glossary activity where entries need to be approved before they are viewable by everyone.

      1. Log in as a student and go to the glossary.
      2. Add a new entry and add a few tags.
      3. Save changes and check that the entry and tags are displayed correctly.
      4. Edit the entry and delete one of the tags.
      5. Save changes and check that the deleted tag is no longer displayed.
      6. Click on one of the remaining tags and check that the tag index page lists the glossary entry and all other items in the same tag collection with the tag.
      7. Log in as student2 enrolled in the same course and go to the tag index page listing the glossary entry (viewed in step 6).
      8. Check that the glossary entry is not listed (as it is not yet approved).
      9. Log in as a teacher and approve the glossary entry.
      10. Log in as student2 again and check that the glossary entry is now listed on the tag index page.
      11. Click the glossary entry link and check that it leads to the entry in the glossary.
      12. Log in as the teacher again and hide the glossary activity.
      13. Log in as student2 again and check that the glossary entry is no longer listed on the tag index page.


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