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CLONE - A user can save draft messages in their personal space



    • Functional Test
    • Minor
    • Moodle 3.11
    • Moodle 3.11
    • Messages, User
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      1. Log in as a user and click the messaging drawer icon.
      2. Check that a self-conversation is displayed in the Starred section then access it.
      3. Check the following self-conversation explanation message is displayed below the header 'Personal space. Save draft messages, links, notes etc. to access later.'
      4. Check the header contains your user full name and 'Online'.
      5. Check the header doesn't link to the user profile.
      6. Check the header contains a user menu, with 'Unstar' and 'Delete conversation' options.
      7. Try writing a message and sending it, then try the 'Delete conversation' option.
      8. Check that the conversation is deleted as expected.
      9. Try writing another message and sending it, then try the 'Unstar' option.
      10. Check that the conversation is now displayed in the Private section.
      11. Go to the site home page.
      12. Click the messaging drawer icon again. 
      13. Check that the self-conversation is still displayed in the Private section.
      14. Try searching for your user full name in the message search box.
      15. Check that your name is displayed in the Non-contacts section.
      16. Search for some of the text you sent.
      17. Check that the self-conversation is displayed in the Messages section.


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