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CLONE - An admin can create a new model for upcoming activities due



      1. Log in as admin
      2. Create a manager user and assign this user to 'manager' role at system level
      3.  Set up three students, user1, user2, and user3. Make sure insights notifications are turned ON in the notification preferences for all three users.
      4. Set up 2 courses so that:
        1. user1 and user2 are enrolled as students in course1
        2. user3 is enrolled in course2 and only in course2, no other course enrolments (this is only to avoid possible misinterpretations of the results as we want to check that only some users get notifications)
        3. These 2 courses have no teachers and start tomorrow
      5. Create 1 quiz activity in course1 with time close tomorrow
      6. Create 1 quiz activity in course2 with time close in 10 days
      7. Go to site admin > analytics > analytics models
      8. If the Upcoming activities due model is disabled click on Actions > Enable for Upcoming activities due model
      9. Go to site admin > analytics > analytics settings and untick onlycli setting

      Test the new model

      1. Go to Administration > Site administration > Server > Scheduled tasks
        1. Find task "Predict models \tool_analytics\task\predict_models"
        2. Click "Run now" (if this is not visible, see https://docs.moodle.org/en/Scheduled_tasks#Running_individual_tasks)
        3. Log will pop up, or check log by clicking the "Page" icon next to the task and click the "Magnifying glass" icon next to the most recent log entry
      2. You SHOULD NOT see any error and the process SHOULD finish fine
      3. Go to site admin > analytics > analytics models
      4. You SHOULD see a dropdown menu in the Insights column of the Upcoming activities due model
      5. You SHOULD see user1 and user2 listed here. You SHOULD NOT see user3.
      6. Select user1
      7. The page where you are forwarded SHOULD be report/insights/prediction.php
      8. Log in as user2 and check your notifications.
      9. The title of the last one SHOULD be You have upcoming activities due (not sure if it will already be marked as read or not, that depends on messaging stuff)
      10. Click on the notification (not the link), you SHOULD be forwarded to the quiz activity.
      11. Expand your notifications again and now click on the View full notification link in the last notification.
      12. You SHOULD see a question "Was this useful?" with two options, Yes and No, and a link to the activity.
      13. Click on Yes.
      14. You SHOULD be forwarded to a screen with the message "Your feedback of 'Useful' has been saved."

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