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CLONE - Calendar events may be filtered by course, month, day, and upcoming events


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    • Moodle 3.11
    • Moodle 3.11
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      Test requirements:

      • At least two courses, with a user enrolled as a teacher in both
      • One of the courses should have at least one group

      Test steps:

      1. Log in as the teacher and go to the calendar.
      2. Try adding some user, group and course events.
      3. For each event, after saving it, check that it is correctly displayed in the calendar.
      4. Try clicking on an event and check that it is correctly displayed.
      5. In the dropdown menu near the top of the page, select upcoming events, and check that all events are correctly displayed.
      6. Try selecting different options in the dropdown menu (month, day, upcoming events) and different courses, and check that the events listed are as expected.
      7. Try hiding and showing different event types in the Events key block and check that the events listed are as expected.
      8. Go into a course then go to the calendar.
      9. Check that the name of the course is included in the page title and navigation.
      10. Check that only user events and events for that course are displayed.

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