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CLONE - A teacher can view and download a forum summary report



    • Functional Test
    • Minor
    • Moodle 3.11
    • Moodle 3.11
    • Forum, Teacher
    • None


      Test requirements:

      • A course with one teacher and several students
      • A forum activity with several discussions containing posts made by each of the students and at least one private reply made by the teacher, such as the Lounge forum on the QA testing site.

      Test steps:

      1. Log in as the teacher and go to the forum.
      2. In the actions menu, select Summary report.
      3. Check that the report is displayed nicely and can be ordered by clicking on column headings.
      4. Check that the dates filter works as expected.
      5. Try downloading table data in all the possible formats - Comma separated values, Microsoft Excel, HTML table, Javascript Object Notation, OpenDocument and PDF.
      6. Open each file and check that the data is the same as in the summary report.


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          Tamar Elikishvili
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          Tamar Elikishvili
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          Tamar Elikishvili
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          Tamar Elikishvili
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          Tamar Elikishvili
        6. Screenshot 2021-04-18 133702.png
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          Tamar Elikishvili
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          Tamar Elikishvili
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          Tamar Elikishvili
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          Tamar Elikishvili
        10. Screenshot 2021-04-18 134345.png
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          Tamar Elikishvili
        11. Screenshot 2021-04-18 134430.png
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          Tamar Elikishvili
        12. Screenshot 2021-04-18 135227.png
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          Tamar Elikishvili

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