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CLONE - As an admin I want to backup my course including the content bank and restore in a different Moodle instance


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    • Moodle 3.11
    • Moodle 3.11
    • Content bank, H5P
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      This test requires admin access in two Moodle sites.

      1. Log as admin in one Moodle instance
      2. Create a course named C1
      3. Go to Content bank link in C1 course (link is in the drawer for Boost, in Navigation block -> Site pages for Classic)
      4. Click 'Upload' button to create a new content
      5. Upload helloworld.h5p file and Save changes
      6. Go to C1 course homepage
      7. Go to 'Backup' option in course cog menu
      8. Confirm 'Include content bank content' options is checked
      9. Click on 'Jump to final step'
      10. Confirm the backup file is successfully created and click Continue
      11. Download the new *.mbz back file
      12. Log in as admin in a different empty Moodle instance
      13. Go to Site administration > Courses > Restore course
      14. Import the backup file downloaded in step 11 and click on 'Restore'
      15. Confirm 'Include content bank content' is checked.
      16. Click on 'Continue'
      17. Select a category and click in Continue in 'Restore as a new course' section
      18. Confirm 'Include content bank content' is checked.
      19. Click on 'Next'
      20. Click on 'Next' using default settings
      21. Click on 'Perform restore'
      22. Confirm the course is restored successfully and click in 'Continue'
      23. Go to Content bank link in the new course (link is in the drawer for Boost, in Navigation block -> Site pages for Classic)
      24. Confirm 'helloworld.h5p' content is there
      25. Click on 'helloworld.h5p' content
      26. Confirm the image of the Earth is shown and there's no error

        1. helloworld.h5p
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