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CLONE - A teacher can re-use content bank files




      This test requires sample H5P files, such as the attached files, to be added by a site admin to the content bank in the system, course category and course contexts, as done on the QA testing site.

      1. Log in as a teacher and go to a course.
      2. Turn editing on, click 'Add an activity or resource' and add a Page resource.
      3. Give the page a name, then in the page content click on the H5P button in the Atto editor and click on 'Browse repositories'.
      4. Click on the 'Content bank' repository.
      5. In the 'Content bank' repository navigate to the system context and click on the H5P file.
      6. Select 'Make a copy of the file' then click 'Select this file'.
      7. Click 'Insert H5P'.
      8. Verify that the file has been added to the page content field.
      9. Repeat this process, adding content files from different available contexts.
      10. Verify each time that the file has been successfully added.
      11. Click Save and display and verify that all H5P content displays correctly.


        1. 1.png
          29 kB
          Yoni Amikam
        2. 2.png
          27 kB
          Yoni Amikam
        3. 3.png
          45 kB
          Yoni Amikam
        4. accordion.h5p
          530 kB
          Helen Foster
        5. arithmetic-quiz.h5p
          758 kB
          Helen Foster
        6. filltheblanks.h5p
          699 kB
          Helen Foster
        7. find-the-words.h5p
          617 kB
          Helen Foster
        8. helloworld.h5p
          35 kB
          Helen Foster

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