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CLONE - A teacher can duplicate an H5P activity



    • Functional Test
    • Minor
    • Moodle 3.11
    • Moodle 3.11
    • H5P, Teacher
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      This is an exploratory test of a new feature or improvement, so please feel free to try anything you like and not just the test steps!

      Some H5P files attached to help with the testing.

      1. As a teacher go to a course and click on 'Turn editing on'.
      2. Click on 'Add an activity or resource'
      3. Select 'H5P' activity.
      4. Fill required 'Name' field and upload a .h5p file to 'Package file' (some .h5p files attached for testing.
      5. 'Save and display'
      6. Confirm the content is displayed with no errors.
      7. Confirm teacher can see 'This content is displayed in preview mode. No attempt tracking will be stored.'
      8. Go to the course and duplicate the just created H5P activity.
      9. Click on the duplicated H5P activity. 
      10. Confirm the content is displayed with no errors.
      11. Go to the course and delete duplicated activity.
      12. Click on the first created H5P activity. 
      13. Confirm the content is displayed with no errors.


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        4. accordion.h5p
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          Yoni Amikam
        5. arithmetic-quiz.h5p
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        6. chart.h5p
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        7. filltheblanks.h5p
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        8. findthewords.h5p
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          Yoni Amikam

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