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CLONE - An admin can create a backpack using OpenBadges v2.1 oAuth service and users can send their badges to this backpack



    • Functional Test
    • Minor
    • Moodle 3.11
    • Moodle 3.11
    • Badges, Student



      • A site with public access where you can log in as admin. If you would like to use the QA testing site for running it, please see the QA testing guide for details of how to request admin access. Begin just after the hourly reset to give yourself plenty of time to complete the test!

      Setup badges

      1. Login as admin.
      2. Go to "Site administration | Badges | Add a new badge" and create a badge at site level.
      3. Add criteria to the badge so it can be manually issued by role.
      4. Enable the badge.
      5. Issue the badge to any user (student1).

      Testing scenario 1: Create Open Badges service and backpack

      1. Login as admin.
      2. Go to "Site administration / Server / OAuth 2 services".
      3. Create an "Open Badges" service with the following information:
      4. Check "Client ID" and "Client secret" fields are not mandatory and "Service base URL" is mandatory.
      5. Save changes. 
      6. Check the "Discovery" column in the OAuth2 services table has a green tick mark for the "IMS Global" service created.
      7. Access to the "Configure endpoints" page.
      8. Edit the "IMS Global" service.
      9. Check the "Client ID" and "Client secret" fields are not empty.
      10. Go to "Site administration / Badges / Manage backpacks".
      11. Click the "Add a new backpack" button and create a new backpack with the following information:
      12. Save changes.

      Testing scenario 2: Connect to backpack

      1. Login as a user with at least one badge awarded (student1).
      2. Go to Dashboard / Preferences / Badges / Backpack settings.
      3. Select "https://dc.imsglobal.org" as "Backpack provider".
      4. Check the "Status" is "not connected" and the button "Connect to backpack" appears.
      5. Click the button "Connect to backpack".
      6. Check the site is redirected to the backpack site and the login form is displayed.
      7. Login using one of the existing users (alice or bob).
      8. Check the screen requesting your permission is displayed with the following application access permissions:
        • Get Open Badges Profile
        • Create Open Badges Assertion
        • Get Open Badges Assertions
        • Offline Access
      9. Click the button "Yes, Allow".
      10. Check the "Backpack has been connected" message is displayed.
      11. Check you're redirected to the Manage badges page.
      12. Click the "Change backpack settings" button.
      13. Check the status is "Connected".

      Testing scenario 3: Send badge to the backpack

      1. Go to Dashboard / Preferences / Badges / Manage badges.
      2. Click on the "Add to backpack" button.
      3. Check the message "Added badge to backpack " is displayed.



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