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An admin can activate the Accessibility toolkit plugin and request analysis




      • This test requires a publicly available site with admin access.
      • An account needs to be created on the Brickfield Portal in order to obtain an API and secret key to activate the Accessibility toolkit plugin.
      •  A course containing some content with accessibility issues to submit for analysis.
      • If you are running this test on your own test site, to speed up processing task run rates, the following scheduled tasks may be changed to run every minute rather than the default 5 minutes:
        • Process bulk caching
        • Process bulk batch accessibility checking
        • Process content analysis requests

      Brickfield settings and registration

      1. As admin and go to Site administration > Plugins > Admin tools > Accessibility > Brickfield registration.
      2. Verify that a notification is displayed stating 'The plugin is inactive and cannot be used.'
      3. Verify that there is a link to 'register your details' on the external Brickfield Portal site.
      4. Verify that all other accessibility plugin pages redirect you back to the registration page as they are currently inactive.
      5. Log in to the Brickfield Portal and obtain an API and secret key for your Moodle site.
      6. Return to Site administration > Plugins > Admin tools > Accessibility > Brickfield registration and enter the API and secret key, then click on "Activate" to complete your registration.
      7. Verify that a notification is now displayed stating 'Your accessibility toolkit is still being validated'.
      8. Wait for the Accessibility toolkit scheduled tasks to run then verify that a notification is displayed stating 'The plugin is activated and ready to use.'
      9. Verify that you can now go to the other Accessibility toolkit pages.

      If cron is running normally, and 'Your accessibility toolkit is still being validated' is still showing after these steps, check the registration page again, at Site administration > Plugins > Admin tools > Accessibility > Brickfield registration to ensure the keys have not been rejected as invalid.

      Accessibility toolkit analysis requests

      1. Still logged as an administrator and go to Site Administration > Plugins > Admin Tools > Accessibility > Accessibility toolkit settings.
      2. Uncheck 'Enable analysis requests' setting and save changes.
      3. Go to any course and click 'Accessibility toolkit' in the menu.
      4. Verify that the page states 'Content analysis is disabled'.
      5. Return to the Settings page, check 'Enable analysis requests' and save changes.
      6. Go to any course and verify that the Accessibility toolkit page now has a 'Submit for analysis' button. 

      Teacher can request an accessibility analysis for a course

      1. As teacher, go to a course and click 'Accessibility toolkit' in the administration menu.
      2. Click on the "Submit for analysis" button and verify you are redirected back to your course
      3. Visit the "Accessibility toolkit" page again and verify that a message is displayed stating "This course has been scheduled for analysis."
      4. Take a break and wait for the analysis to be completed. The analysis will be processed in the background by scheduled tasks, so its speed of completion will depend on task timings and task run schedules.
      5. Click "Accessibility toolkit" again and verify that the accessibility analysis for the course is now displayed.
      6. Verify that a list of errors is displayed, each with a related "Edit" link, which will directly send you to edit the content where it's located.
      7. Check for at least 3 different errors that the "Edit" link sends you to the correct location in the course content that requires resolving.
      8. Click on the "Activity breakdown" tab.
      9. Verify that a bar chart is displayed showing the pass ratio for each activity type in the course and text with a heading "Activity breakdown explained" is also displayed.
      10. Click on the "Content types" tab.
      11. Verify that a donut chart is displayed showing the total errors per content type in the course and text with a heading "Content types explained" is also displayed.
      12. Click on the "Summary report" tab.
      13. Verify that the following tables are displayed: Top errors, Failed activities, Check errors, Activity pass ratio, Error details.
      14. Click the "Download PDF" link and verify that the downloaded PDF shows the summary report.
      15. Click on the Advanced tab.
      16. Verify that information regarding features in the commercial versions of the Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit is displayed.


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