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A teacher can request an accessibility analysis for a course


      This test requires a publicly available site which has the Accessibility toolkit plugin activated, such as the QA testing site.

      If you are running this test on your own test site, to speed up processing task run rates, the following scheduled tasks may be changed to run every minute rather than the default 5 minutes: Process bulk caching, Process bulk batch accessibility checking and Process content analysis requests.

      This test also requires a course containing some content to submit for analysis.

      1. Log in as a teacher and go to a course.
      2. From the Actions menu (Boost theme) or Course administration (Classic theme) click "Accessibility toolkit".
      3. Click on the "Submit for analysis" button.
      4. Verify you are redirected back to your course
      5. Return to the toolkit page via the Actions menu (Boost theme) or Course administration (Classic theme) clicking "Accessibility toolkit".
      6. Verify that a message is displayed stating "This course has been scheduled for analysis."
      7. Take a break and wait for the analysis to be completed. The analysis will be processed in the background by scheduled tasks, so its speed of completion will depend on task timings and task run schedules.
      8. Click "Accessibility toolkit" again.
      9. Verify that the Accessibility toolkit now shows the accessibility analysis for the course.

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