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CLONE - When creating a new question, the question field defaults that a teacher used previously are used



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      This is an exploratory test of a new feature or improvement, so please feel free to try anything you like and not just the test steps!

      This test requires a course with two teachers who can edit questions.

      1. Log in as teacher1 and go to the question bank in the course.
      2. Press on "Create a new question ..." button.
      3. Choose a Multiple choice question and press the "Add" button.
      4. While filling the question fields, make a note of the original default value of ‘Default mark’, ‘One or multiple answers?’, ‘Shuffle the choices?’, ‘Number the choices?’, ‘Show standard instructions’ fields, then change the values of these fields and make a note of the new values.
      5. Save the question.
      6. Press on "Create a new question ..." button again.
      7. Choose a Multiple choice question and press the "Add" button (.. another Multiple choice).
      8. Verify that the default values of the question fields are the same as the new values that you noted down.
      9. Log out then log in as teacher2 and repeat steps 2 and 3.
      10. Verify that the default values of the question fields are the original default values.

      Repeat the test with the following question types and fields:

      • Short answer with 'Default mark' and 'Case sensitivity' fields
      • Drag and drop into text with 'Default mark' and 'Shuffle' fields
      • Select missing words with 'Default mark' and 'Shuffle' fields.


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