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An administrator can manually create a tool-platform registration needed to share activities using LTI





      The relevant documentation for this feature can be found at Manual registration.


      Two sites are required for testing this feature and they must be able to communicate with one another.

      1. LTI platform (formerly known as consumer)
      2. LTI tool (formerly known as provider).

      Important: If you're testing locally, you'll need to disable the 'Blocked hosts' setting in BOTH sites. You can find it in Site administration ► Security ► HTTP security. You'll need to clear the values and save.

      Manual registration

      1. Following the docs linked above, specifically the section on Enabling the 'Publish as LTI tool' feature, enable the relevant plugins in the tool site.
      2. Following the instructions in the docs link above, create the tool-platform registration using the method "Manual registration".
      3. When complete, log out of BOTH the tool site and the platform site
      4. On the platform site, log in as the admin and go to Site Administration ► Plugins ► External tool ► Manage tools
      5. Edit the settings for the preconfigured tool you just created.
      6. Set "Tool configuration usage" to "Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool"
      7. Change the name of the tool to "QA test tool"
      8. Save the tool configuration
      9. Log out

      Confirm the registration works

      1. Log in to the platform site as a teacher and go to a new course
      2. With editing on, click to add an activity or resource
      3. Select "QA test tool"
      4. Click the "Select content" button
      5. Verify you're presented with a modal asking you to log in to link accounts


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