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CLONE - In a chat activity, students can have a real-time synchronous discussion



    • Functional Test
    • Minor
    • Moodle 4.0
    • Moodle 4.0
    • Chat, Student
    • None


      This test requires the following filters to be enabled (as they are by default):

      • Display emoticons as images
      • Convert URLs into links and images
      1. Log in as student1 and access a chat activity.
      2. Click to enter the chat and add a chat message containing an emoticon e.g. .
      3. Log in as student2, perhaps using a different browser, and access the chat activity.
      4. Click to enter the chat and check that the message from student1 is displayed correctly.
      5. Add a chat message containing a URL e.g. http://moodle.org.
      6. Check that the message is displayed correctly with the URL converted into a link.
      7. Add a chat message "/me laughs!"
      8. Check that the message is displayed as "Sam laughs!" (where Sam is the name of the student).
      9. Add a chat message "<em>Text in italics</em>".
      10. Check that the message is displayed in italics.
      11. Add a chat message "<b>Text in bold</b>"
      12. Check that the message is displayed in bold.
      13. Try switching to each of the different themes.
      14. Check that the chat is displayed nicely in each theme.


        1. 16147-0298 06.03.2022 11.26.23.png
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          Dag Klimas
        2. 16147-0299 06.03.2022 11.26.34.png
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          Dag Klimas
        3. 16147-0300 06.03.2022 11.26.45.png
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          Dag Klimas
        4. Student one SNAG-0100 04.03.2022 19.24.42.png
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          Dag Klimas
        5. Student two SNAG-0099 04.03.2022 19.24.24.png
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          Dag Klimas

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