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CLONE - A teacher can include up to 6 different question types in a lesson activity


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      1. Log in as a teacher, turn editing on in a course and add a lesson activity.
      2. Do not add any pages (content, questions, etc).
      3. Log in as a student.
      4. Observe the message "This lesson is not ready to be taken." and there is no error.
      5. Log in as teacher and go to lesson activity.
      6. Follow the 'Add a question page' link.
      7. Add one of each of the question types - multiple choice, true/false, short answer, numerical, matching, essay.
      8. Preview the lesson activity and check that all the question types work correctly.
      9. Add a second shortanswer question text to include five underscores _____ where the answer should be - eg: The capital of France is _____
      10. Do the question as a student and verify that in the question text those underscores are replaced by a box.

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