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CLONE - A student can export glossary entries to their portfolio




      This test requires a site with an OAuth 2 Google service and the Google Drive portfolio and file download portfolio enabled.

      The QA testing site may be used for running this test, though you'll need admin access (see the QA testing guide for details of how to request admin access) in order to set up the Google service and enable the Google Drive repository. Begin just after the hourly reset to give yourself plenty of time to complete the test! Alternatively, you can use your own test site. 

      This test also requires a glossary activity containing entries from at least two students and a Google Drive account for use in testing.

      1. Log in as a student, and access the glossary activity.
      2. Try exporting an entry made by you, selecting file download as the portfolio.
      3. Save the file locally then open it and check that all data has been exported correctly.
      4. Try exporting another of your entries, selecting Google Drive as the portfolio.
      5. Login to your Google Drive account.
      6. Check that the file is exported correctly to Google Drive and a folder is created with name portfolio-export-glossary-<timestamp> e.g. portfolio-export-glossary-1558669163.
      7. View an entry made by another student and check that you are unable to export it.


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