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CLONE - An administrator can install additional language packs


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      1. Log in as an administrator and go to Language packs in the Site administration.
      2. Click the 'Update all installed language packs' button and check that success messages are displayed.
      3. Select a language from the list of available languages and click the 'Install selected language pack' button.
      4. Check that the language is now listed as an installed language pack.
      5. Select an installed language pack and click the 'Uninstall selected language pack' button.
      6. Check than the language is now listed as an available language.
      7. Try installing and uninstalling more than one language pack at a time.
      8. Make a note of the currently installed language packs and then browse to the site front page.
      9. Check that the languages are listed in the dropdown menu via your user menu.
      10. Browse to your Preferred language page and check that the languages are available in the preferred language setting.

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