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Course controls work as expected for weekly format course with all sections in one page in Chrome


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      This test requires a course containing several activities in weekly format with the course layout set to "Show all sections in one page". The browser Google Chrome should be used.

      1. Log in as a teacher, go to the course, turn editing on and move an activity to a different section.
      2. Turn editing off and verify that the activity has been moved.
      3. Turn editing on again and move a section.
      4. Turn editing off and verify that the section has been moved.
      5. Turn editing on again, scroll to the bottom of the course page and click the icon to increase the number of sections.
      6. Verify that an additional section has been added to the course page.
      7. Edit a section summary and change the section name.
      8. Save changes and verify that the changed section name is shown on the course page.

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