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CLONE - File manager form elements behave as expected in Firefox



    • Functional Test
    • Status: Passed
    • Trivial
    • Moodle 4.0
    • Moodle 4.0
    • Filepicker
    • None


      This test requires that the browser Firefox is used.

      1. Log in as a user and go to your Private files area.
      2. Create two folders, with one inside the other.
      3. Drag a file over the the area containing folders and verify that whilst the file is hovering over the browser window, the drop area states 'Drop files here to upload.' and note that no folders are present in that area.
      4. Drop the file and verify that the file is displayed next to the folder.
      5. Try Drag and Drop multiple files and it should work
      6. Mouse over all clickable elements in the file manager and confirm that the mouse pointer turns into a hand icon.
      7. Click each of the three buttons to show different views -thumbnails, list and tree - and verify that the file and folders are shown correctly.


        1. Filemanager -1 boost.png
          Filemanager -1 boost.png
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        2. filemanager -1 classic.png
          filemanager -1 classic.png
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        3. filemanager -2 boost.png
          filemanager -2 boost.png
          274 kB
        4. filemanager -2 classic.png
          filemanager -2 classic.png
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        5. filemanager -3 boost.png
          filemanager -3 boost.png
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        6. filemanager -3 classic.png
          filemanager -3 classic.png
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