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CLONE - A teacher can delete a course badge once awarded.



    • Functional Test
    • Status: Passed
    • Minor
    • Moodle 4.0
    • Moodle 4.0
    • Badges, Student, Teacher
    • None


      This test requires a course with a teacher and student enrolled, and two badges. Use the attached badges if you do not have your own.

      1. Log in as the teacher, go to the course and click 'Add a new badge' via the More menu (or the Administration block, if using theme).
      2. Upload badge 1 and set the criterion to Manual issue by role>teacher; enable it and award it to the student.
      3. Repeat step 1 for badge 2.
      4. Access the student's profile from the Participants list and verify they have been awarded badges 1 and 2.
      5. Go to Badges > Manage badges.
      6. Click the X in Badge 1 Actions to delete it.
      7. From the next screen, choose 'Delete and keep existing issued badges'
      8. Click the X in Badge 2 Actions to delete it.
      9. From the next screen, choose 'Delete and remove existing issued badges'
      10. Access the student's profile from the Participants list and verify they now only have badge 1 but not badge 2
      11. Verify that in Manage badges there are no badges available.


        1. badge1.png
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          Helen Foster
        2. badge2.png
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          Helen Foster
        3. step-01.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        4. step-01b.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        5. step-02a.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        6. step-02b.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        7. step-02c.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        8. step-03.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        9. step-04.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        10. step-05.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        11. step-06.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        12. step-07.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        13. step-08.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        14. step-09.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        15. step-10.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        16. step-11.png
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          Adriano Ruseler

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