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CLONE - A student can view their grades from the user menu.


      If you would like to use the QA testing site for running this test, please see the QA testing guide for details of how to request manager access.

      1. Log in as a manager.
      2. Go to Grades in the user menu.
      3. The Manager should not be enrolled in any courses. Check that you see the following message: "You are not enrolled in, nor teaching any courses on this site."
      4. Log out then log in as a student.
      5. Go to Grades in the user menu.
        • Check that you see:
        • The student's picture (if set), and name in the header (above the navigation breadcrumb).
        • A sub header titled "Courses I am taking"
        • A list of courses that the student is enrolled in.
        • Grades for the course or dashes representing no current grade.
      6. Click on one of the courses in the report.
      7. Check the following:
        • That the header for the page is still the same (user picture and name).
        • That the breadcrumb is "Dashboard ► Grades ► {course name}► User report".
        • That you are now viewing specific grade detail about the course.
      8. Enter a course (Click on dashboard and then select a course).
      9. Check that there is a link to Grades in the navigation. Click that link.
      10. Check the following:
        • There are two options in the dropdown menu: Overview report and User report.
        • The user report has the header as [Course title]: View: User report. ("Course title" is the course you are viewing).
        • Overview report has the header as [Course title]: View: Overview report. ("Course title" is the course you are viewing).

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