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CLONE - A student can message another user




      This test requires a course with at least three students enrolled in it.

      1. Log in as a student, go to the course and click on the Participants link in the navigation drawer / menu.
      2. Click on the name of a course participant.
      3. On the participant's course profile page, click on the Message link.
      4. Verify that the messaging drawer is open on the right, with the participant's name at the top.
      5. Write a message to the participant and send it.
      6. Verify that the message you sent is shown together with the date and time.
      7. Repeat the above steps and send a message to at least two other course participants.
      8. Enter some text used previously in a message in the search box (at the top of the messaging drawer).
      9. Verify that the search results correctly list all messages containing the text.
      10. Enter the name of a participant in the search box.
      11. Verify that the search results correctly list all users with the name entered.
      12. Click on a user and verify that any messages sent previously are displayed.


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