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CLONE - A teacher can filter assignment submissions by 'Granted extension'




      This test requires a course with an assignment set up and at least 5 students.

      1. As a teacher, access the assignment and click View all submissions.
      2. Select a student; click the Edit column and grant them an extension, then save changes. Repeat for a second student and save changes.
      3. On the View all submissions page, scroll down to Options filter by 'Granted extension'.
      4. Verify your two students are listed as having extensions granted.
      5. Change the filter back to 'No filter' and verify all students are now displayed.
      6. On the View all submissions page click the Grade button for one of the students with an extension granted.
      7. From their grading annotation screen, click the filter icon top right (under the user selector) to show the list of filters and tick the Granted extension box.
      8. Verify that the filter works as expected and only finds two students.
      9. Switch to the other student with an extension and verify again.
      10. Clear the filter and verify all students are now available.


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