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CLONE - A user can set the text direction in the Atto text editor


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      Test requirements:

      • A site with at least one right to left (RTL) language e.g. Hebrew or Arabic and at least one left to right (LTR) language e.g. English installed
      • The RTL/LTR buttons added to the Atto toolbar (in Site administration > Plugins > Text editors > Atto HTML editor > Atto toolbar settings)
      • A student account enrolled in a course with a forum.

      Please test using both themes, Boost and Classic, and in more than one browser, and mention in a comment which browsers you've used.

      The more supported browsers we can test with, the better, so anyone feel free to try this test even if you're not the assignee!

      1. Starting with the UI in a LTR language, log in as a student and go to the forum.
      2. Start a discussion, and before you input anything, switch to HTML view.
      3. Check that the initial direction and alignment of the paragraph HTML element is <p dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;"></p>.
      4. Switch back to normal view and type some text. Use the Atto buttons 'Left align' and 'Right align' and check that the alignment is correctly changed.
      5. Submit the post and check that the alignment is kept.
      6. Start a new discussion and this time test the Atto buttons 'Left to right' and 'Right to left'.
      7. Check that the direction is correctly changed and is kept when submitting the post.
      8. Try a mix of LTR and RTL language text like: הפסקה מתחילה בעברית and change into English אך מסתיימת ב باللغة العربية.
      9. Check that clicking the LTR button makes the English sentence look good (readable) and clicking the RTL button makes the Hebrew and Arabic sentence look good (readable).
      10. Change the UI language to a RTL language.
      11. Repeat steps 2 to 9, this time checking that the initial direction and alignment of the paragraph HTML element is <p dir="rtl" style="text-align: right;"></p>.


      • Keep switching back and forth between HTML view and Normal view before submitting your test post to the forum to check that the underlying HTML code is not messy.
      • Make sure you always start with a new forum post, as the ATTO auto save feature keeps old drafts, which can confuse the initial test environment.

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