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CLONE - As a teacher I can define the status of a question




      This test case is an exploratory test case about the newly introduced question statuses. So please feel free to try anything you like and not just the test steps!  


      This test requires a test course with at least one teacher who can edit questions and a quiz.


      Test statuses directly in the question bank

      1. Log in as teacher in your test course.
      2. Go to your question bank (More > Question bank)
      3. Create and save a new question A (of any type); set the question status to "Draft".
      4. Verify that question A is visible in the question bank and that it's status says "Draft".
      5. Create and save a new question B (of any type) and set the question status to "Ready".
      6. Verify that question B is visible in the question bank and that it's status says "Ready".

      Test statuses on the history page

      1. Edit question A (creating version 2); keep the question status "Draft".
      2. Edit question A a second time (creating version 3); keep the question status "Draft".
      3. In the question bank in the column "Actions" click on the hyperlink "Edit" -> History.
      4. Verify that a new page will be loaded where you can see all of the versions of this question.
      5. Verify that you change the status of each version of this question.
      6. Change the status to "Ready" and save.
      7. Verify that this actions takes you back to the question bank, that the question status now says "Ready" and that no additional version has been added.


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          Helen Foster
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          Helen Foster
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          Helen Foster
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          Helen Foster
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          Helen Foster
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          Thomad Korner
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          Thomad Korner
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          Thomad Korner
        9. questionA-is-draft.png
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          Rea Su
        10. questionA-is-ready-still-v3.png
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          Rea Su
        11. questionB-is-ready.png
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          Rea Su

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