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CLONE - An admin can create a custom report and schedule it to be emailed to other users


      This test requires a site with configured email working, and cron running on the recommended frequency. The test also requires a test user with an email that can be checked.

      1. Log in as admin
      2. Navigate to Reports > Report builder > Custom reports in site administration
      3. Press New report
        • Choose a name for your report
        • Select the Users report source
        • Tick Include default setup
      4. Press Save
      5. Verify that you are now viewing the report editor
      6. Press the "Audience" tab
      7. Add the "Manually added users" audience and select the test user to grant access to this report and press "Save changes"
      8. Press the "Schedules" tab
      9. Press "New schedule"
        • Choose a name for the schedule
        • Set starting from to be some time in the near future (so you don't have to wait too long)
        • Select the audience you already created
        • Add a subject and message
        • Press "Save"
      10. Verify that you can see your newly created report schedule
      11. Once the time you set the schedule to begin has passed, check that your test user received an email containing the message content with the report content attached as a file
      12. Reload the report editor Schedules tab
      13. Verify that the Time last sent row column was updated appropriately
      14. From the schedule action menu, press Send schedule
      15. Confirm that you want to send immediately
      16. (After the next cron run) Check that your test user received an email containing the message content with the report content attached as a file.

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