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CLONE - An admin can backup and restore a large course


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      This test requires admin access. If you would like to use the QA testing site for running it, please see the QA testing guide for details of how to request admin access. Begin just after the hourly reset to give yourself plenty of time to complete the test!

      1. Log in as an admin, go to a course and create a course backup, including selected activities and blocks. In Boost, go to Course reuse then select Backup. In Classic, select Backup in the Course administration.
      2. Download the course backup file.
      3. Go to Site administration > Courses > Restore course and upload the course backup file.
      4. Restore the backup file, selecting 'Restore as new course' as destination.
      5. Check that activities and blocks are correctly restored in the new course.
      6. Repeat the steps with a large course. If necessary, you can create a large test course in Site administration > Development > Make test course.
      7. Check that the large course is correctly restored.

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