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CLONE - A student can submit or edit a group assignment with "Require all members to submit" disabled




      This test requires a course set to group mode (visible or separate) and with two students in a group.

      1. Log in as a teacher in a course and create an assignment with the following settings:
        • Require students to click submit button = No
        • Students submit in groups = Yes
        • Online text = Yes
        • Enable file submissions = Yes
        • Max number of uploaded files = 1
        • Group mode = Separate or visible
      2. Log in as Student 1 and navigate to the assignment
      3. Verify you see your group name but not the names of other students
      4. Click "Add submission" ; add text, upload a file and save changes
      5. Log in as Student 2 and navigate to the assignment.
      6. Verify that the Submission status shows "Submitted for grading"
      7. Verify that you see the "Edit submission" button and click on it
      8. Edit the text; delete and replace the uploaded file and save the changes.
      9. Log in as Student 1 and navigate to the assignment
      10. Verify that the Submission status shows "Submitted for grading", with the new changes from Student 2 displayed.


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