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CLONE - A teacher can edit a student's submission if allowed




      This test requires an administrator, teacher and student account.

      1. Log in to a course as a teacher and create an assignment with online text and files enabled in Submission types.
      2. Log in as a student and add the text "This is a test', upload a PDF file and save.
      3. As the teacher, click the assignment and click 'View all submissions'.
      4. Select the student using the left side checkbox and use the "With selected..." dropdown menu to "Download selected submissions" the zip should contain both the online text and the student PDF file.
      5. Click the Edit column for the student in question and verify you do NOT see an option to 'Edit submission'.
      6. Log in as administrator and from Users>Permissions>Define roles, edit the teacher role to allow mod/assign:editothersubmission.
      7. Log back in as the teacher and repeat step 3.
      8. Click Edit and verify you do see the option to 'Edit submission'.
      9. Click this option and verify you are able to delete the student's text from step 2 and replace it with your own text 'Checked' .
      10. Save the changes.


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