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CLONE - An admin can bulk create cohorts with a csv file


      This test requires admin access and a csv file for uploading cohorts to the system and categories. Use or adapt the attached file if desired, making sure your site has category named Miscellaneous.

      1. Log in as an admin and go to Site administration>Users>Cohorts>Upload cohorts
      2. Upload the attached csv file or similar. (Note that if a category is not specified in the csv file or default context dropdown then a system cohort will be created.)
      3. Preview the cohort and upload it.
      4. Verify from the System cohorts tab that the system cohorts (for example New York and London) have been created.
      5. Verify from the All cohorts tab that the category cohorts (for example Paris and Rome) have been created in the chosen category (Miscellaneous in the example)

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