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CLONE - An admin can reset the profile for all users


      1. As administrator, navigate to Site administration > Appearance > Default profile page.
      2. Turn on the editing; add a couple of blocks of your choice and an text block (eg titled 'Contact admin' with some text.)
      3. Click 'Reset profile for all users'.
      4. As a student, navigate to your profile (from the user menu top right) and verify you see those two new blocks and the text block.
      5. Turn on the editing and move the blocks around the page to put them in a different order.
      6. As administrator, return to Site administration > Appearance > Default profile page. and remove the text block.
      7. Click 'Reset profile for all users'
      8. As a student, return to your profile. Verify the text block has gone and that the other blocks display in their original location, overriding the student's changes.

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