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In a database activity the file picker can be used to upload a files


      1. Log in as a teacher and turn editing on in the course.
      2. Add a new Database activity.
      3. Create a file field and set the maximum size to the site or course upload limit.
      4. Create a picture field, also setting the maximum size.
      5. In the templates tab, save the single and list templates.
      6. Log in as a student and access the Database activity.
      7. Add an entry to the database and for both file and picture fields:
        • Click 'Add...' on the respective field.
        • Verify that the file picker is displayed.
        • Upload a file and then a picture.
        • Click 'Save and view' and verify that the file or picture has been uploaded correctly.
        • Try downloading the file or picture.
      8. QA-1770 - Try to upload unsupported files in the picture field, such as .exe, spreadsheets or any document that is not a picture.
      9. Verify that you are not able to upload non-image files to a picture field
      10. Log in as the teacher again, update the Database activity, and set the maximum size lower.
      11. Log in as the student again and check that the maximum file size is stated correctly on the add entry page.

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