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CLONE - A teacher can add a feedback activity


      • This test requires a site with reCAPTCHA credentials provided by Google.
        • ReCAPTCHA can be set up in Moodle in "Site administration > Plugins > Authentication > Manage authentication" at the bottom. Both the ReCAPTCHA site key and ReCAPTCHA secrete key must be set.
      1. Log in as teacher and go to a course.
      2. Turn editing on and click "Add an activity or resource".
      3. Select Feedback activity and fill in the form.
      4. Click on Edit questions tab and add at least 1 question of each type (including a page break).
      5. Change the order of the questions and reload the page.
      6. Verify that the last order is retained.
      7. Answer the feedback questions and verify that they all display correctly.

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