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CLONE - A teacher can select random quiz questions using tags



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      This test requires a course to be created and a teacher and student enrolled in the course.

      1. As the teacher, access the course's question bank and create 2 question categories: cat1 and cat2
      2. Create 2 true/false questions in each of the cat1 and cat2 categories (name them cat1-q1cat1-q2cat2-q1cat2-q2) (Also for simplicity of the test, enter the question text the same as the question name).
      3. In the question bank, where you see the list of the questions you created, click on 'Edit' and then 'manage tags'. Tag the questions with t1 and t2 like this:
        cat1-q1 --> t1
        cat1-q2 --> t2
        cat2-q1 --> t1
        cat2-q2 --> t2
      4. Create a quiz activity in the course and name that Quiz1
      5. Create a "random" question in the quiz from cat1. set the tag to t1
      6. Create a "random" question in the quiz from cat2. set the tag to t2
      7. Attempt the quiz as a student
      8. Confirm that the first question is cat1-q1
      9. Confirm that the second question is cat2-q2
      10. Create another quiz in the course and name that Quiz2
      11. Create a "random" question in the new quiz you just created (Quiz2) from cat1. Leave the tags field empty.
      12. Create another "random" question in Quiz2 from the "Top" question category (the one that contains cat1 and cat2). Set the tag to t1.
      13. Log out as the teacher and log in with the student account.
      14. Attempt the quiz as a student.
      15. Confirm that the first question is either cat1-q1 or cat1-q2
      16. Confirm that the second question is either cat1-q1 or cat2-q1
      17. Confirm that the 2 questions that the students see in the exam are not the same




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