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CLONE - A teacher can add a list of questions to the Add a Random question dialog


      Set up

      1. Log in as admin
      2. Create a course (c1)
      3. Enrol a teacher (t1) in the course and give them the question sharer role (so that they have access to the course category questions)
      4. Create a quiz activity (quiz1) in c1
      5. View quiz1 and go to the question bank categories
        • cog icon > question bank > categories
      6. Add a sub category (c1 subcategory) to the “Default for c1” category
      7. Go to the questions tab in the question bank
      8. Create 10 questions (doesn’t matter the type) in the “Default for c1” category
        • Name the questions something that identifies the category, such as “c1 cat q1”, “c1 cat q2” etc
        • Give 5 of the questions the tag “c1”
      9. Create 1 question in the “c1 subcategory” category
        • Name it something identifiable like “sub c2 cat q1”
        • Give it the tags “c1” and “sub”
      10. Create 1 question in the category “Default for Miscellaneous”
        • Name it something identifiable like “misc cat q1”
        • Give it the tags “c1” and “misc”

      Testing the preview section

      1. Log in as t1
      2. Go to quiz1 and edit it
      3. Open the “Add” menu and click “+ a random question” to open the modal
      4. CONFIRM that the modal has two tabs, “Existing category” and “New category”
      5. CONFIRM that each tab has two buttons at the bottom, a cancel button and another button
      6. In the “Existing category” tab modify the filters with various combinations between categories and tags and CONFIRM that the preview section behaves according to the following in each case:
        • There is a remark stating the number of questions that match the filter, e.g. “Questions matching this filter: 10” or “Questions matching this filter: 0”
        • The sets of questions are displayed in a tabbed list where each page has no more than 5 questions in it
        • The questions displayed match the filters selected, e.g. they have all tags selected, they belong to the category selected, and sub categories aren’t included unless the checkbox is checked

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