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CLONE - A teacher can add external H5P content to activities or resources



    • Functional Test
    • Minor
    • Moodle 4.1
    • Moodle 4.1
    • Filters, H5P, Teacher
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      This test requires admin access. If you would like to use the QA testing site for running it, please see the QA testing guide for details of how to request admin access. Begin just after the hourly reset to give yourself plenty of time to complete the test!

      Test requirements:

      • A course with one teacher and at least one student
      • Please, test it both with Boost and Classic themes
      • Please, test it using both Atto and TinyMCE editors

      Test steps:

      1. Log in as admin and go to Site administration > Plugins > Filters > Manage filters.
      2. Check that 'Display H5P' filter is enabled and is listed above 'Convert URLs into links and images' and 'Activity names auto-linking' filters.
      3. Click on Settings link of Display H5P filter, and h5p and add this in "Allowed sources":


      4. Log out as admin and log in as teacher.
      5. Go to the course and create a new 'Page' resource.
      6. Add a name to the new Page, and add this to 'Page content' field, using the HTML mode (you'll need to click the </> Atto button):

        a) valid URL: https://h5p.org/h5p/embed/580638 <br/>
        b) another valid URL: https://h5p.org/h5p/embed/6729 <br/>
        c) non valid URL: https://moodle.org <br/>
        d) URL inside a link tag: <a href="#">https://h5p.org/h5p/embed/6729</a> <br/> 
        e) paragraph with a valid URL https://h5p.org/h5p/embed/580638 inside <br/>
        f) a valid URL ending in '/embed': https://moodle.h5p.com/content/1290729733828858779/embed <br/>
        g) an h5p.com valid URL not ending in '/embed': https://moodle.h5p.com/content/1290729733828858779 <br/>
        h) a wordpress valid URL: https://generic.wordpress.soton.ac.uk/altc/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=h5p_embed&id=1 <br/>

      7. Check that the H5P contents of a, b, e, f, g and h are displayed. Check that c and d are not rendering any H5P content.
      8. Log out as teacher and log in as a student enrolled in the course.
      9. Check that the H5P contents of a, b, e, f, g and h are displayed. Check that c and d are not rendering any H5P content.


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