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CLONE - A teacher can add a backup file from MoodleNet


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    • Moodle 4.1
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      This test requires the MoodleNet integration to be enabled in the site administration.

      1. Go to MoodleNet and search for a Moodle backup file e.g. "Class and Conflict in World Cinema"
      2. Click in the "Send to Moodle" button and verify that you are asked for the Moodle instance to send the resource to.
      3. Enter the URL of your Moodle site eg. https://qa.moodledemo.net/
      4. If necessary log in to your Moodle site as a teacher. You will be presented with a confirmation dialogue. Click confirm.
      5. Check that the next screen shows the backup details. Scroll down and click "Continue".
      6. Check that you are on a screen to select a course to restore into. Pick a course and click "Continue".
      7. Scroll down to the bottom of the next screen and click "Next".
      8. Scroll down to the bottom of this settings page and click "Perform restore".
      9. Check that the there is a message showing that the course had been restored successfully. Click "Continue".
      10. Check that the course is restored correctly.

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