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CLONE - A teacher can edit questions and create new versions


      This test case is an exploratory test case about the newly introduced question versioning. So please feel free to try anything you like and not just the test steps!

      This test requires a test course with at least one teacher who can edit questions and a quiz.

      1. Log in as teacher in your test course.
      2. Go to your question bank (More > Question bank)
      3. Create and save a new question A (of any type)
      4. Verify that in the question bank the versions column says "1".
      5. Edit question A (remember your change) and click "Save and continue editing".
      6. Verify that at the top of the edit question form, the version says "2" and last changed by shows the time stamp from when you clicked "Save and continue editing".
      7. Edit and save question A (remember your change)
      8. Verify that in the question bank the versions column says "3"
      9. Click on "Edit" and choose "History"
      10. Verify that you reach the versions page, where all three version are displayed.
      11. Preview each version (Edit > Preview) and verify that the changes you made are displayed correctly.
      12. Try to change the version directly in the preview (Preview options > Question version).

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