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CLONE - A teacher can notify students about new or updated course content




      This is an exploratory test of a new feature or improvement, so please feel free to try anything you like and not just the test steps!

      It requires a site which sends emails, so the QA testing site cannot be used.

      1. Log in as admin and create 2 students with known emails (you should be able to check received emails)
      2. As student1 go to User preferences > Notification preferences and enable 'Course content changes' notifications for Web and Email.
      3. As student2 go to User preferences > Notification preferences and disable 'Course content changes' notifications for Web and Email.
      4. As admin create a course and enrol both students.
      5. Switch to Edit mode on and create a new activity1 checking 'Send content change notification' checkbox.
      6. Edit activity1, change any of the settings, confirm 'Send content change notification' checkbox is unchecked and save changes.
      7. Edit activity1, change any of the other settings, check 'Send content change notification' checkbox and save changes.
      8. Create a new activity2 and keep 'Send content change notification' checkbox unchecked.
      9. Create a new activity3, set availability to 'Hide from students' and check 'Send content change notification' checkbox.
      10. Wait a couple of minutes for the cron to be ran.
      11. Confirm student2 had received no email.
      12. Confirm student1 had received 2 emails only: one about the activity1 created on step6, and another one about changes made on step 7.
      13. Confirm the emails have a link to the created/updated activities.


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