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CLONE - A student can export activity data to their portfolio



      • A Google Drive account for use during the test
      • Your Moodle site must be publicly available, you can use ngrok for that
      • Enable and configure OAuth 2 Google service (Refer to https://docs.moodle.org/401/en/OAuth_2_Google_service)
        NOTE: Take note of Client ID and Client secret generated
      • Create a new Google service (Site administration > Server > OAUth 2 services)
        NOTE: Uncheck "Require email verification" and check "I understand that disabling email verification can be a security issue"
      • Enable File download portfolio and Google Drive portfolio (Refer to https://docs.moodle.org/2x/pl/Google_Drive_portfolio)
        NOTE: Enable portfolios in Site administration > Advanced features if you can't find Manage Portfolios in Plugins
      • Download attached backup file and restore as new course


      1. As student, access your assignment submission
      2. Save your assignment submission data locally by clicking on the filename
      3. Go back to course and access a past chat session
      4. Click on "Export to portfolio"
      5. Choose File download as destination and click "Next"
      6. Follow the succeeding prompts to export the chat session data
      7. Return to course and access the forum activity
      8. Access your own forum post then click "Export to portfolio"
      9. Choose File download as destination and click "Next"
      10. Follow the succeeding prompts to export the forum post data
      11. Access another student's forum post and confirm that you can't export it
      12. Return to course and access the glossary activity
      13. Click on the corresponding "+" icon on your own glossary entry to export to portfolio
      14. Choose File download as destination and click "Next"
      15. Follow the succeeding prompts to export the glossary entry data
      16. Return to the glossary activity, confirm you cannot see the + icon on another student's entry
      17. Return to course and access Database activity
      18. Click on the actions menu of your entry in the activity (3 vertical dots on the right side of the entry name)
      19. Click on "Export to portfolio"
      20. Choose File download as destination and click "Next"
      21. Follow the succeeding prompts to export the database entry data
      22. Return to the database activity, confirm that you cannot see "Export to portfolio" on the actions menu of another student's entry
      23. Open the corresponding exported local files and confirm that each activity data is exported correctly
      24. Return to course and access assignment submission again
      25. Click on "Export to portfolio"
      26. Choose Google Drive as destination and click "Next"
      27. Follow the succeeding prompts to export Assignment data to Google Drive
      28. Repeat steps 3~10 and steps 12~15 while setting destination to Google Drive instead of File download
      29. Access your Google Drive account and check that a folder is created with the filename "portfolio-export-<activity>-<timestamp>. (e.g. portfolio-export-assign-1558669163.)
      30. Access the created folder and confirm that file is exported correctly

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