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As a user I can create folders and add files to my private files



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      • A user and a assignment activity.

      QA-1451, QA-1743 - A user has a private files area and files can be used as submission

      1. Log in as a student and go to Private files in the user menu.
      2. Click the add button and upload (or drag and drop) a file.
      3. Enter a value for 'Save As', 'Author' and the licence type and click 'Upload this file'.
      4. Click on the uploaded file and verify details are correct.
      5. Now create a folder.
      6. Move the file into the folder. (Click on file and then change the Path to the new folder created.)
      7. Zip the folder (Right click on folder and then press zip button)
      8. Rename the zip file (Right click on zip file, change name of file and click update)
      9. Click the Save changes button.
      10. Go to an assignment which allows file uploads, click the 'Add submission' button and choose 'Private files' in the file picker.
      11. Select the file, then click the 'Save changes' button.
      12. Check that the file is shown as the assignment submission.

      QA-1745 - File upload can be cancelled by clicking X or Cancel button

      1. Turn editing mode on and add "Private files" block to your Dashboard.
      2. Follow "Manage private files..." in 'Private files' block.
      3. Click 'Add' and verify that the file picker is launched.
      4. Select 'Upload a file' and select a file.
      5. Click on X in the top right hand corner and verify that the dialog closes and your changes have not been saved.
      6. Click 'Add' again.
      7. Select 'Upload a file', select a file and click 'Upload this file'.
      8. Note the file has been added to the file manager.
      9. Click 'Cancel' button and verify the dialog closes and the file is not added to your private files.

      QA-1757, QA-1759 - Folders can be created into the file manager area and files can be dragged into the area to upload them.

      1. Follow "Manage private files..." in 'Private files' block.
      2. Click 'Create folder' icon the 'Private files' block.
      3. Click the X on the create folder dialog, then verify that the dialog closes and your changes have not been saved.
      4. Click 'Create folder' icon again.
      5. Enter a folder name and click 'Create folder' button.
      6. Click on the folder and verify that there's a breadcrumb trail to your current location
      7. - Note that breadcrumbs are not shown in "tree view".
      8. Drag and drop a file onto the file manager, which currently contains the text 'You can drag and drop files here to add them.'
      9. Click 'Save changes' and verify that the files have been uploaded.

      QA-1762 - Multiple files can be dragged and dropped onto the file manager.

      1. Follow "Manage private files..." in 'Private files' block.
      2. Select 2 files at once and drag them both simultaneously into the file manager area.
      3. Click 'Save changes' and verify that the files have been uploaded.




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