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CLONE - A teacher can set questions to appear randomly in a quiz




      Test Pre-requisites:
      This test requires a course with a teacher and student enrolled.

      Test Steps:

      1. Create a quiz with Question Layout set to "New page> Every 2 questions" and all other settings left as default.
      2. Click "Edit quiz" and click "Add"
      3. Click "+ a new question" and create 5 new questions or click "+from question bank" to add 5 existing questions from the question bank.
      4. Verify that you have two pages with two questions per page and one page having only one question.
      5. Tick/Check the "Shuffle" box top right of the list of questions.
      6. Preview the quiz and verify that the questions are presented in a different order from that shown on the edit quiz page. You should also still get 2 questions per page.
      7. Log in as a student and attempt the quiz. Verify that the questions appear in a different order compared with what was shown to the teacher.
      8. Log in as teacher; edit the quiz by clicking "Edit quiz" (NOT edit settings). Verify that most of the editing controls on the Edit quiz page are now disabled because the quiz has been attempted and there is a message at the top explaining this.


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