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CLONE - An administrator can specify the number of icon groups visible when the ATTO toolbar is collapsed.


    • Icon: Functional Test Functional Test
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    • Moodle 4.2
    • Moodle 4.2
    • HTML Editor
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      This test requires administrator access and for ATTO to be the top editor in Site administration>Plugins>Text editor>Manage editors.

      1. As an administrator, navigate to Site administration>Plugins>Text editors>ATTO HTML editor>Collapse toolbar settings.
      2. Change the number to 2 and save.
      3. Access the ATTO text editor (for example by posting in a course News forum) and verify you just see two groups ('Show more' and 'Paragraph/Bold/Italic')
      4. Repeat step 1.
      5. Change the number to 10 and save.
      6. Repeat step 3 and verify you now see 10 groups of icons.
      7. Repeat step 1 and change the number back to the default of 5 and save.
      8. Repeat step 3, verifying you now see 5 groups.

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