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CLONE - Images can be dragged and dropped into the Atto editor


      This test requires editing teacher and student access to a course and an image you can use for testing.

      1. Using a modern browser supporting drag and drop, go to your course and turn on the editing.
      2. Click the edit icon of a course summary section.
      3. Drag in your image; save it and ensure the image is displayed as an image directly on the page and not as a clickable file.
      4. From 'Add an activity or resource', click to add a Label.
      5. Repeat step 3, ensuring your image displays directly on the course page.
      6. From 'Add an activity or resource; click to add a Forum and add standard forum for general use.
      7. As a student, click to add a new discussion topic.
      8. Drag and drop the image into the Atto text editor.
      9. Save and ensure your image displays.

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