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CLONE - Teacher can share course, activity and resource using LTI provider (legacy)


      Note: Two sites are required for testing this issue
      1. LTI consumer
      2. LTI provider.
      Enable LTI provider on course and activity
      1. Log in as administrator.
      2. Follow Site administration ► Security ► HTTP security and enable 'Allow frame embedding'.
      3. Follow Site administration ► Plugins ► Authentication ► Manage authentication' and enable the 'LTI' authentication plugin.
      4. Follow Site administration ► Plugins ► Enrolments ► Manage enrol plugins and enable 'Publish as LTI tool'.
      5. Log out and log in as teacher.
      6. Visit a course with at least 1 activity (assignment) and 1 resource (file).
      7. Follow Course administration ► Users ► Enrolment methods.
      8. Add a Publish as LTI tool with 'Tool to be published' selected to course and "LTI version" set to "Legacy LTI"
      9. Add a Publish as LTI tool with 'Tool to be published' selected to assignment and "LTI version" set to "Legacy LTI"
      10. Add a Publish as LTI tool with 'Tool to be published' selected to file and "LTI version" set to "Legacy LTI"
      11. Follow Course administration ► Published as LTI tool.
      12. Make note of all 3 URLs and secrets.
      On your LTI consumer site
      1. Log in as teacher and visit a course.
      2. Add 3 'External Tool' activities and use the following from your LTI provider site.
        • Tool Provider 'Cartridge URL' as the Tool URL
        • Set 'Consumer key' to 'moodle'
        • Tool Provider 'Shared secret' as the Secret
      3. Log in as a student.
      4. Visit the course and click on each LTI activity.
      5. Verify 'External Tool' activity links to course display course.
      6. Verify 'External Tool' activity links to assignment display assignment.
      7. Verify 'External Tool' activity links to file display file.
      Proxy test
      1. Copy 'Registration URL' from the 'Course administration ► Published as LTI tool' page in the LTI provider site
      2. On a consumer site go to Site administration ► Plugins ► External tool ► Manage tools
      3. Paste the url you copied into the box, but don't click add
      4. Change the token part of the url to something else such as "ASDF123"
      5. Click add
      6. Make sure that there is an error displayed
      7. Click cancel
      8. Paste the URL and this time click add with the correct token
      9. Click continue
      10. Click save
      11. The tool should successfully be added.
      12. Go to a course
      13. Add an external tool
      14. Select the type as the tool you just added
      15. Save and display
      16. Verify it works as expected and you log into LTI provider site correctly

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