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CLONE - A user can add a new event to the calendar


      1. Log in as an ordinary user and go to the calendar.
      2. Click the 'New event' button, add an event title, then click the Save button.
      3. Verify that the event is shown in the calendar on the correct date.
      4. Click on the event, then click the Edit button.
      5. Click the 'Show more...' link and add a description, including an image or media file.
      6. Click the 'Show less..' link then 'Show more...' and verify that the description remains.
      7. Click the Save button, then click on the event.
      8. Verify that the description, including image or media file, is shown correctly.
      9. Edit the event again, click the 'Show more...' link and add an until date which is before the event date.
      10. Click the Save button and verify that you are prompted to correct the until date.
      11. Correct the until date, then click the Save button.
      12. Verify that the event is shown in the calendar on the correct dates.
      13. Click on any day in the calendar.
      14. Verify that a 'New event' pop-up is shown - the same as when clicking the 'New event' button.
      15. Verify that theĀ 'New event' pop-up may be closed by clicking the x in the top right corner.

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          before error prompt.png
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          setting up the event.png
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