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CLONE - A user can upload badges to their Badgr account when the site is using a different standard



      1. A moodle site that can send emails
      2. A site with public access and HTTPS (use ngrok or similar)
      3. Create a badgr account on badgr.io (US) we will call it the Badgr user account
      4. An admin and a student available in the system.

      OAuth2 setup for OBv2.1

      1. Login as admin.
      2. Go to "Site administration / Server / OAuth 2 services".
      3. Create an "Open Badges" service with the following information:
      4. Check "Client ID" and "Client secret" fields are not mandatory and "Service base URL" is mandatory.
      5. Save changes. 
      6. Check the "Discovery" column in the OAuth2 services table has a green tick mark for the "Badgr Europe" service created.
      7. Edit the "Badgr Europe" service.
      8. Check the "Client ID" and "Client secret" fields are not empty.

      OBv2.1 setup - Create new backpack

      1. In Site admin -> Badges -> Manage backpacks
      2. Create a new backpack with the following details :
        1. Backpack API URL: https://api.eu.badgr.io/ 
        2. Backpack URL: https://eu.badgr.io/ 
        3. API version supported: Open Badges v2.1
        4. OAuth2 services: Badgr Europe
      3. Save changes.
      4. Change order this new backpack and place it in the first place.



      1. Log in as admin and go to Site administration / Badges / Add a new badge.
      2. Add a new badge, setting the criteria as Manual issue by role and tick the Teacher and 'Any of the selected roles' options.
      3. Click the Save button and then the Enable access button.
      4. Click Recipients and then 'Award badge'. Select the student and award them the badge.
      5. Log in as a student, in the user menu (top right), select Preferences then 'Backpack settings' under Badges.
      6. Select 'badgr.io' as the backpack, enter the Badgr user account email and click the button 'Connect to backpack'.
      7. Look in your mailbox for a verification email and copy & paste the link to verify your connection to the backpack.
      8. Back in Moodle, logged in as the student, in the user menu select Preferences then 'Manage badges'.
      9. Verify that your badge is displayed and click on the badge.
      10. Click the button 'Add to backpack'.
      11. Verify that the message 'Added badge to backpack' is displayed.
      12. Go to https://badgr.io, log in with the Badgr user account and verify that the Moodle badge is displayed correctly (though you may need to be patient and wait a few minutes before the badge is displayed in the Badgr backpack).

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