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CLONE - A teacher can add a “Room/Activity with recordings” (default) to course content that allows users to join a BBB meeting


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      1. Log in as admin and enable "Import recordings enabled (bigbluebuttonbn_importrecordings_enabled)" setting
      2. Log in as a teacher and, to a course and add a BigBlueButton activity.
        • Select “Room/Activity with recordings” as "Instance type".
        • Give a value to "Room name": “Room/Activity with recordings”.
        • Save the BigBlueButton activity.
      3. Click on the “Room/Activity with recordings” activity link.
      4. Confirm that teacher can access the Activity/Room which shows:
        • a title: "Room/Activity with recordings"
        • no description
        • a state (This conference room is ready. You can join the session now.)
        • a clickable button to join the session
        • a Recordings section with no recordings in it
        • a button for importing recordings

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